About Sheila Gopal Raheja Foundation

The Sheila Gopal Raheja Foundation is a Public Charitable Trust registered under the Bombay Public Trusts Act in 1998. The foundation has created an unparalleled legacy in the two decades of its existence. It has been carrying on a multi-pronged approach directed to uplift the standards of education for the citizens of India. Additionally, the foundation has been engaged in activities of charitable objects and of public interests and benefit.

Our roots in the field of education go way back to 1952 when we had founded “The Bombay Suburban Art & Craft Education Society”. Over time we have invested our efforts in setting up some of the most renowned colleges and educational Institutes to drive home our societal commitments and to offer an atmosphere conducive to learning and growth.

Our dream centers around creating a strong, resilient future for our country stands squarely on the pedestal of forwarding education for everyone with a passion to learn.